Joulie is a small-sized battery system for electricity needs, But can be extended on demand of electricity by adding extra batteries to it. It has it applications in commercial as well as domestic purpose. Joulie is based on the active cell balancing technology for best performance and life expectancy, and remote monitoring via internet. It is a green solution and will help us reduce our carbon footprint on mother Earth. It has internet ready storage systems, Which allows user to monitor it remotely. The chemical composition is intrinsically safe in their chemistry, that is to say, they can neither burn nor explode. The life expectancy of Joulie is 20years which is very high as compared to the other systems present in the market. Joulie can be installed everywhere that is in rural areas, Hospitals, industries, and last but not the least in our homes. The range we offer is from 840 Wh to 14 kWh joulie batteries, although multiple batteries can be combined for large scale requirements. It is absolutely maintenance free. Even without subsidies for own-use or grid feed-in tariffs, Joulie batteries are a safe investment into your energy independence.


Improved Performance - With Active Balancing

And now the future comes home! Our in-house developed BMS Joulie utilizes active balancing. The states of charge of a battery's cells are being equalized continuously among one another. That is to say, energy from higher charged cells will be transferred to lower charged ones. This results in 90% efficiency, compared to 0% with passive balancing. Additionally, active balancing increases life expectance of Li-cells by more than 30% due to reduced drift of characteristics. Increased energy yield from the charged battery is another positive side effect: with passive balancing the depth of discharge (DoD) should not exceed 70% to provide long life expectancy of the battery. Our active balancing allows for 80% DoD without reduced life expectancy - thus 14% more energy with identical rated capacity.

The First Internet - Ready Battery

Joulie also enables communication of the battery with the inverter via CAN interface for standard inverters, as well as internet based remote monitoring of the battery independent of the inverter. In this process all relevant data like voltage, state of charge, temperature etc. will be logged and analyzed for each battery on single cell level. For instance, this allows for identification of an early seasoned cell of a battery, and arrange for its prophylactic replacement. Thus, a possible system failure can be avoided.

Active Balancer - For Battery Management

With internet-based remote monitoring you can observe the state of the battery and its single cells independently of the inverter. This enables early identification of problems, change of parameters and analysis of typical battery usage. Active balancing is specially beneficial for second life lithium cells. The system is capable of clustering, that is, several batteries with Joulie can be connected in parallel/series to increase capacity.

JOULIE - The High Performance Cell

Regarding the lithium cells we also stand out from the usual market standard - Lithium-Iron phosphate (LiFePO4). Instead, we use lithium iron Manganese phosphate (LiFeMnPO4). The doping with yttrium will increase the cells' life expectancy and performance. The conceptual design and chemistry of our Li-cells renders them intrinsically safe, this means in case of a problem the cells can not catch fire. By the way, most cell phone or laptop batteries are not intrinsically safe! Lithium cells are almost completely recyclable. And - in contrast to lead batteries - they do not contain any hazardous material. Lab test demonstrates life expectancy In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach we have tested our LiFeMnPO4 cells under extreme conditions. The lithium cell is discharged to 80% DoD approximately 33 times per day with 1C charge and discharge current. We have exceeded 8000 cycles! The results confirm a very high load capacity and reliability, and verify the superior quality of the cells used for our Joulie battery.

Parameter Diesel Generator Lead Acid Battery Joulie
Efficiency Low about 25% Low about 60% As high as 95%
Energy Cost High High Low
Weight Bulky Bulky/ Heavy Weight Lighter Weight
Sound Emission Noisy Silent Silent
Space Requirements Large Space Large Space very handy
Life Cycle X Lesser Life Cycle 10 Years life (4000 cycles*)
Pollution Yes Yes Green
Vested Interest Yes (Diesel Theft Possible) Yes (Lead Theft Possible) No vested interest
Repairs Frequent Repair Frequent Replacement Long Life
Remote Monitoring X X Remote Monitoring Possible
Operating Temperature - 25°C to 35°C -25°C to +50°C [-13F to 122F]
BMS SUPPORT - - Active balancer,Relay Trigger,Single Cell Monitoring
Charging Time - Long Charging Time (Min 8Hrs) Shorter Charging Time (2~3 Hrs)
Operational Cost Yes Yes No
Plug & Play Ability - - Yes
Maintenance Yes Yes No
OTA Support - - Yes (Firmware Upgrades Over The Air)

Do These Questions Come to Your Mind?

1.Is this really maintenance free?

Yes, Joulie is absolutely maintenance free, you don’t have to add any sort of battery water or clean the terminals.

2. What does one cycle mean?

A charge cycle is the process of charging a rechargeable battery and discharging it as required into a load.

3. Will this battery be safe to install at home?

Yes Joulie is absolutely safe to install at home and is non-flammable as well as non-explosive. Some model are available with wall mounting features to save space.

4. Do I have to use this battery system daily?

No, You can leave the Joulie unused to a period up to 6 months safely, the battery charge or condition will not deteriorate.

5. Does it have any protection?

Yes, Joulie comes with inbuilt protections like over voltage, under voltage, over current, under currents, fault detection. The system automatically disconnects in case of any faults so that all your appliances, home, shops, industry is absolutely safe.

6. What is remote monitoring of the battery?

Joulie is the first Internet Ready battery which comes with a remote monitoring feature which helps you know the health of the battery, state of charge and many other parameters. Also gives a warning on faults!

7. How can I charge the battery?

Joulie can be charged by solar power, wind power, grid, and/or any dc source of the appropriate ratings.

8. Can I get custom sizes as per my requirements?

Yes, custom size are available on special requests, you can write to us on

9. How much time does it take to charge these batteries to full capacity?

Joulie can be fully charged in 2-3 hours.

10. How much time can we discharge?

A full capacity of Joulie can be discharged in one hour.

11. Is it programmable?

Yes, Joulie is programmable to suit your requirements.

12. Does this emit any fumes or pollutants?

No, Joulie does not emit any fumes or pollutants, it is completely eco-friendly & green product.

13. Do I have to add battery water to this every month?

No, You will never have to add battery water to Joulie.

14. Are these batteries recyclable?

Yes, Joulie is recyclable and has a second life too.

15. Can they sustain hot and humid climate of India?

Yes, Joulie can sustain Indian weather conditions. It can operate in temperatures from -25°C to +50°C.

16. How much space will these batteries require?

Joulie is very compact and does not require a lot of space, some models are even wall mounting.

17. Where have these batteries been installed till date?

Joulie has been installed in Germany, United Kingdom, India and running successfully.

18. After how many years should I replace these batteries?

The life expectancy of Joulie is 20 years* (4000 cycles @ 80% DoD), so install Joulie and forget replacement headache for the next 20 years.